Glorious Horizon

Glorious Horizon was a 400 year old solar whom died during the Ursurpation. He led Operation Wyldfire against his best friends ( Shikare ) wishes.

Horizon was a kind man at first, who loved the heat of battle, but in the calm times of the high first age battles on the scale he wanted were few and far between and even then mostly staged. In his madness he wished the throw a small chunk of creation into chaos in order to fight it back. His Lunar mate and brother in arms had called him insane and told him he would not watch him destroy creation for his amusement, Horizon in his insanity would not tolerate the disrespect, and sought to slay the Lunar, who fought the best he could but was simply not able to stand up to the power of his mate and fled before Horizon could kill him. With his Lunar mate out of the way Wyldfire went through.

Horizon was an expert stratigist, and his skill with most weapons was impressive, he had no interest in the arts of sorcery, instead learning only enough to be able to counter his oppents and nothing more.

Horizons goals remain simple- Find a battle worthy of his skill.

When the Ursurpaton happened his Lunar mate was no where to be seen, only Shikare stood at his side, he had refused to leave him, claiming that he had no reason to flee the fight was here, and if there was a chance they’d died he’d die at his side after taking a few of the bastards with him.

Horizon was slain in battle, and Shikare along with him.

Glorious Horizon

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