Alethia when she was a young exalt.


Born in a small farming village 50 miles south of Great forks.

She was married and had a 7 month old child, mild mannered and a loving wife and mother.

Shortly before she turned 18 her village was attacked by a group of raiders whom rode large cats. She awoke in the middle of the night to the screams of the people she’d grown up with, he husband had run out to do what he could to help. For a moment Alelthia had considered running out to help defend her home and protect her family. But instead in her fear she fled leaving her son crying in his bed, as the fields burned. She told herself she was simply trying to go to one of the neighboring villages to get help.

She ran until her feet bled and she couldnt breath. It was when she collapsed and lay on teh ground crying that she was approached by a blood ape.

It was then that she was given the power to never have to feel fear again, and the power to extract revenge against those that destroyed her home.

She got the revenge she sought, killing every last one of the raiders, and freeing those whom had been enslaved and meeting a young Lunar named Dog

(From here events go in no order as its been years since the game started and I have since lost the notes and must do this by memory, i will however try to put them in the best order I can, and will make a note of events that follow a timelime etc, things in order unless marked by a *, this take place somewher after the previous event but as to when I cant recall)

She returned to Greatforks for a short time, Met Scrawl a new sidereal not yet found by heaven who did not know what he was. She spent some time in hell looking it up for him to help him. Eventually one of heavens choosen came and retrived him.

Alethia left Great forks for Lookshy, where she enlisted in lookshys military, gaining prestrige and rank, and when they choose to occupy great forks she and her talon singlehandedly defeated 400 soldiers and broke moral enough for great forks to surrender. She was punished for going against orders but at the same time her commanding officer was impressed.

Served under the solar Merele while in lookshy, befrinded him.

*Met Valeho and theif
*Kill her commanding officer “valeries”
*gained the title “The boar of lookshy” for how she appeared to never stop no matter the injueries she obtained.
*Left lookshy

*entered thorns, met the deathknight Windswept Ashes defended thorns from the walkers small army, single handled destroyed 2 warstriders,.

*Merele got captured by the mask of winters, and his monstrance thrown into the void while alethia could do nothing but watch.
*Merel was found on the river, changed, now a deathknight, however he returned to lookshy for a brief spell with alethia.
*Merele is exposed as a deathknight in lookshy, siding with her friend, she flees the city with him, the two of them together destory the main gate of the city on their way out.

*Alethia wanders the east for awhile after seperating from merele.

*3 year imprisonment in malfeas

*return to greatforks, destroyes sondok, and defeats the day shield for the first time.

*Attacks an ebon dragon infernal at the all thing for the location of her first son, when he refuses to reveal it when she wins, she kills him, and is forced to fleeo the demon city.

*Gives birth to her second son Raizuk, fathered by the demon Florivet.

(Unknown when this took place: Fought Merele in Lookshy, the two were so evenly matched they called a draw, realizing that yes they could defeat each other BUT they would both die in the process)

*Scrawl comes to retrive her son, telling her that if she would not willingly surrender him, he would have to kill her and take him. She is informed at this time that her son has an important role to play and that she cannot see him again untill he is 16, if she does nothing good will come of it. Our of respect and the fact she did not want to have to hurt scrawl, she surrendered her son to heaven. She makes it clear she will not be able to stay away from him, and asks to be locked away. With the help of scraw and a couple of his associates alethia is entombed in molten jade, burried in the mountains just east of the marukan lands. Wards are placed to hide her presence. Since she cannot be imprisoned unless she chooses to be, the elaborate prison, was not some much to keep her in as it was to protect and hide her while she slept.
-15 years later alethia feels her son nearby and in distress, having no idea how much time has passed since she was locked away. She did not care, her son needed help, she stepped out of her prison, shattering it behind her. Tracked down her son, rescued him from thorns.
-Found out she he was not yet 16 and grew concerened as to what that meant and demanded scrawl find out. Also found out her son was chosen by the maiden of battles.
-Her son refuses to acknowledge or even believe that she is his mother, but travels with her regardless.

*Returned to lookshy, served once again for a brief time before departing.

  • Took off to nexus, jonied the pit fights in an attempt to make some silver get her further east.
    *caused a LARGE disturbance in Nexus when hell sent an army of demons after her, and heavens army responed to deal with it, fled east with raizuk at scrawls orders to get the hell into hiding., informend by Emerisary of nexus she is no longer welcome in the city of nexus.
    *Gave birth to her third son in route to Great forks.
    *attacked by Valeho in great forks, after he kidnaps her son and attempts to kill him.
    *Leaves her son with the Day shield, to be raised by her figuring the last place anyone would look for her son was with a god whom despised her, in an attempt to end their animosity, aletheia makes it clear as long as the day shield has her son she will take no action against great forks.

*leaves great forks heading east with her son to find a gate to yu shan so he can go find scrawl and find out what was happening.

*they arrive at the gate, only to be told that no one can enter due to a problem on the other side.

Met Melshuran, an immaculate dragonblood, and the first dragon blood in 18 years that she showed more then a passing interest in. (melshuran joins the party)
The three of them enter Yushan, seeing the chaos that had rent it apart in places.
Ran across an infernal named Flower in yushan whom tried to kill raizuk to free alethia from her attachments so that she would help her destroy the loom of fate. Flower flees.

The trio makes way towards the loom but are caught by the celestial lions and placed in custody for illegally summoning a demon in yushan. Alethia breaks out and runs to scrawl to have him try to expidite the trial or raizuk and melshuran, he will as long she leaves yushan immiditaly afterwards. She agrees. When he rturns, he informs her she will be leaving without raizsuk as he is needed in yushan at the moment, she protests demanding to at least speak with him before leaving, she is denied this. She agrees to leave and is escorted to the gate with melshuran by the two lion dogs. When they reach the gate she tells Melshuran she’ll see him soon and shoves him through before following the pull on her soul and running to find raizuk. She fights the two lion dogs, exposing herself in the process, her attempts to conceal herself fail, she finds a place to hide for a bit, finally her concealment charm works. She heads towrads the loom chamber disgused as a sidereal, gaining entrance.

Inside she finds her son and a gathering of nearly all the remaining sidereals discussing what to do about the loom. She tries to convince them the loom cannot be fixed and that this was just like the ursurpation, all of them in one place they could easily enough be killed.Of course they refuse her ideas as foolish. She tries to subtly get her son to realize who she is, it takes him some time.

The maidens arrive, and declare they cannot rebuild the loom as that would require autocuthon, but they could repair it at least for a while. However it would require a sacrfice. 5 sidereals, Her son volenteers and she protests making a small scene, and declaring that this was just them trying to punish her. She recives no answer on this accusation.
Realizing there was nothing she could do and that this was for the fate of creation, she embraces her son and tells him good bye. She turns to face the maidnes glaring at them, she had no doubts they knew exactly who she was. As the the others depart Endings comes over to her, telling her she was sure they would meet again, before casting her out of yushan.
She awakens in a tomb in lookshy.

She tracks down Melshuran and the two decide to head to greatforks, with a small detour south to find Merele and ask him to join her soon to form army against hell. And to retrive her spear from where it was burried by dog many years ago.

Scrawls sends a sidereal named Willow to watch her closely, alethia accepts this

Merele wants nothing to do with her and turns her away.
She retrives he spear and leaves for greatforks with melshuran, Willow parts from the party.

The two return to great forks, and find a place to stay.
Willo shows up with a scroll, telling her to thank her and read it. The scroll informs her that Merele has agreed to help in the war against hell, provided when it is done she helps him defeat thorns. She is more then amenable to that deal. Even thanking Willow. Willow at this point gains her respect. Willow leaves to tend to other bussiness.

Alethia visits the manse, trying to get into see the day shield, with Melshurans help she goes through the correct channels rather then barging in and demanding to be seen. However she is only directed to a representitive not the day shield and is displeased. She creats a small commotion before being taken to the day shield.

She asks the day shield for her to allow her to create an army in the city, and for her to make it mandatory that people join. the day shield denies her the forced conscription but says she can have her army if the ones who join are willing, During this conversation alethia reminds the day shield if she was here to kill her she wouldnt bother with the pretense of paperwork and false disscussion and would have just done so already. then offers to take her to see her son. Willow returns informing her quietly thourhg a scroll slipped in her pocket that the day shield was setting her up to be killed by an assassian.

In the courtyard willow disrupts the assains shot and chases her off. However the day shield attacks her. Alethia decides she has no choice but to fight her, however she decides to defeat not destroy her. However she forgets her own strength has grown considerably since her last fight with the day shield many years prior and destroys the day shield, she flees quickly with melshuran frustrated that once again she looks the monster and knowing that her army will no longer be a possibilty at least in greatforks. She heads back to where her village was.
Melshuran needs time to think after seeing her in her shintai and heads off to the woods think.

Alethia deals with the shock of seeing her village reclaimed by the earth nothing buta few stones remaining.

Dog shows up, excited to see her alive, and taking her by surprise. No one had yet to be happy to see her return, but Dog was genuinely happy to see her. They talked for a time, and it was decided that she would work with him and some of the lunars to rebuild the loom of fate the way she explained to him. She heads off with Dog to meet with the lunars. She had realized the only group she hadnt had a problem with had been the lunars, and that if anyone could understand the fine line she was walking between monster and hero it would be them. And if anyone would side with her to defend creation they would. She had little interest in helping heaven or hell and serves only creation.


Rebuilding the Loom of Fate Scelesta