Pre Infernal creation

The Green Sun princes Exsisted, but Heaven was, blissfully unaware. Untill Sidara a young Chosen of Secrets, stumbled into one, driving her curiousity for the exalt she had never seen she paid attention. In time she learned of their similarities to the solars. The five score fellowship for the most part regarded her claims of the the Yozi having Exalted that were not akuma serving them to be insane, and because of this she retreated to the wyld to hide from heavens sights and contiune trying to find out the truth.

In the end the truth came out, when one of these Princes destroyed a portion of greatforks in an attempt to aquire the cities manse. The princes attempt was thrarted by Sidara and a few other Sidereals whom though they didnt believe her claims wanted to see matters for themselves.

The infernal in question was killed, and the truth laid bare from its own mouth before its death.

At this point heaven put more effort into uncovering information regarding these new exalts.

Pre Infernal creation

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