Dog ’s past life

Shikare was one of the social caste, he was in love with Glorious Horizon but never said anything, has Horizon was alwasy to caught up in his “next big battle plan” to pay him much mind.

He spared with him often though, using that as an excuse to be close to him, once even stealing a kiss from him in the midst of one of their matches.

He was confident, and proud and at times could be a bit vain, she was prone to doing things at a moments notice, and could often be found wasted in the bed of of whatever man or woman He found attractive at the moment… But everyone who knew him well knew he was simply indulging to avoid his feelings.

He never told Horizon how he felt, instead staying a good friend to him, regardless of his “Crazy” ideas.

He died at Horizons side during the Ursurpation.


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