The King Calls

The King Calls
Cost: 0/2-3m ; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Simple
Keywords: Sorcerous, Compulsion
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisite Charms: Covetous Kings Summons, Screams as prayers reminder

When magnanimous warning glyph marks a target they can be summoned to the Infernal. Unlike objects however this charm does NOT teleport the target to the Infernal. It tells them exactly where the Infernal is, and they will be compelled to use whatever means necessary to get to the Infernal. However an Exalted target can resist this compulsion by spending will equal to the Infernals Essence rating which ends the effect. Mortals cannot resist. If the target has made no significant attempt to start moving towards the infernal screams as prayers reminder will active prompting the target to get moving, this effect lasts untill the target starts to move towards the infernal. The target is alowed “suitable” rest, no more then 12 hours can be spent NOT moving towards the Infernal or they will be reminded untill they do so.

This charm lasts as long as the Infernal keeps the motes commited or the target stands before the Infernal.

The cost is 0 motes for mortals,2 for dragon blooded and elementals, and 3 for celestial level exalts and gods.

at Essence 5 this charm can be purchased a second time permanently upgrading the charms effects with the following changes:
Cost: 10 motes 1 will Type: Simple Duration: Instant Keywords: Sorcerous

At this stage the Infernal can spend 10motes 1will to summon a marked target (Mortal only at this purchase), the target regardless of distance will be immediately summoned before the Infernal in flash of green fire.

This charm can be purchased a third time,
Cost: 20 motes 2 will Type: Simple Duration: Instant Keywords: Sorcerous

which allows to the infernal to summon exalts. This costs 20motes 2will and can be contested by a will+essence roll off between caster and target with a difficult of the casters essence rating. If the caster fails, the target remains where he is, and the infernal is welcome at the point to activate screams as prayers(as a separate activation at normal cost) reminder to show her displeasure with the refusal to come when called.

The being being targeted by ANY aspect of this charm MUST be in the same realm as the Infernal, it cannot call a target from malfeas if the caster is currently in creation for example.

The King Calls

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